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Walk from the bustling market town of Gramat to the riverside town of St Céré • Picturesque scenery of causses, deep ravines and fertile meadows of the Dordogne valley • Magnificently situated châteaux and honey-coloured villages, decked with flowers • Prehistoric caves decorated with pictures of bison, mammoth, deer and bears; and magnificent stalagmites and stalactites • Some of the best and most interesting cuisine and wines in France



Day 1
Arrive in Gramat

Day 2
Gramat to Rocamadour
Walking: grassy lanes and paths past the ruins of the Moulin de Sault, then along the Gorge d’Alzou, across streams, steep paths and gravel tracks to Rocamadour. (8 miles, 4 hrs)
Cycling: across the open causses, fields and woods to Rocamadour (13.8 miles).

Day 3
Standard: Free day in Rocamadour
Superior: Rocamadour to Lacave
Walking: continue, following gorge to Lacave with its spectacular cave system. (8.5 miles, 4 hrs)
Cycling: short cycle, via the village of Mayrinhac, to Lacave (10 miles).

Day 4
Standard: Rocamadour Lacave to Meyronne
Walking: across rolling hills of the Causses de Gramat through woods and farmland to Meyronne. (9.2 miles, 4 hrs 30)
Cycling: into the Dordogne valley and along the river to Meyronne. (14 miles)
Superior: Lacave to Meyronne
Walking: farm tracks up to the small village of Mayhrinac, then descend to Meyronne. (8.5 miles, 4 hrs 30)
Cycling: free day in Lacave, short cycle to Meyronne. (5 miles)

Day 5
Meyronne to Carennac
Walking: paths through farmland and woods above the river before descent into Carennac. (13.7 miles, 6 hrs 30)
Cycling: two ascents and descents to the Dordogne river, along the river to Carennac. (19.6 miles)

Day 6
Carennac to Loubressac
Walking: up from river to Loubressac, optional longer route is via the Gouffre de Padirac. (7.2 miles 3 hrs 30)
Cycling: up to the plateau of Gouffre de Padirac, then a descent to Loubressac. (12.5 miles)

Day 7
Loubressac to St Céré
Walking: along paths overlooking the Gorge d’Autoire and the open causses to the Château de Montal, to St Céré. (9.3 miles, 4 hrs 30)
Cycling: long descent, then a steep climb up and over the plateau before descent to St Céré. (8.2 miles)

Day 8
Return to the airport




Night 1

*** Lion d'Or
Comfortable hotel with excellent restaurant on town square. B&B

Night 2
** Terminus des Pelerins
Family-run hotel with restaurant, in centre of medieval town. B&B
*** Beau Site
Central hotel and excellent restaurant with panoramic views. HB
Night 3

As night 2

** Terminus des Pelerins
Family-run hotel with restaurant, in centre of medieval town. B&B

*** Pont de L'Ouysse
19C country house with outdoor pool. Restaurant awarded 1 Michelin star. HB
Night 4
*** Terrasse
Charming hotel with valley views and pool. B&B
*** Terrasse
Charming hotel with valley views and pool. Superior rooms are suites. B&B
Night 5

** Fenelon
Riverside hotel with traditional restaurant and swimming pool. B&B

Night 6
** Lou Cantou
Small pension in centre of pretty village. B&B
*** Relais de Castelnau
Modern hotel with view, on edge of village with outdoor pool. B&B
Night 7
Saint Céré
*** Trois Soleils
Modern hotel with pool, 1 mile outside town. Restaurant with Michelin star. B&B





Walking: quiet country lanes, gravel tracks, woodland and mule paths, and the occasional steep rocky path in the Gorge d’Alzou.
Cycling: country lanes along the river valley, gently rolling hills and small plateaux.

When to go

Available all dates from 1 Apr to 25 July and also from 1 September to 25 October.



Of interest.
Worth travelling to see if you are in the area.
Of great interest.
Worth travelling to see if you are in the country.
Of outstanding interest.
  Worth travelling to see if you are in Europe.



On Route


* Gramat: named after the most important causses in Quercy - a vast plateau with many natural curiosities. Gramat itself is a small market town famous for its fairs.


*** Rocamadour: formerly a centre for pilgrimage in the Middle Ages, retaining important ecclesiastical buildings - including the crypt of St-Amadour, after which the 'rock' is named. The tumbling mass of stony buildings rises from the cliff in terraces - a breathtaking sight during the day; at night it takes on an almost eerie aspect as the town seems suspended in air.


* Meyronne: small village on the banks of the Dordogne.


** Carennac: standing on the wooded banks of the Dordogne, a village of traditional stone houses with steeply-pitched tiled roofs. At the heart of the village is a medieval priory.


* Loubressac: with its views of the St Céré valley and the imposing Château of Castelnau, its jumbled mass of rough stone walls and pointed tiled roofs is everyone's idea of a quintessential medieval village.


* St Céré: a bustling market town on the river Bave, at the foot of two medieval towers, from which there are magnificent views over the surrounding valleys and plateaux.



Flights & Transport

Recommended Destination Airports: Toulouse, Rodez

From Toulouse international airport you can take a train to Souillac (2 hrs) and a taxi to Gramat (30 mins); or a train to Gramat, changing at Figeac (3hrs). Trains also run to Gramat from Rodez airport and Paris (via Brive, 5 hrs). Return to Toulouse from St Cere by train via Souillac; via Gramat and Figeac; or Bretenoux (15 mins by taxi). Trains from Bretenoux also run to Rodez and Paris.


From Toulouse airport to First hotel, approximately 220 Euros.
From Last hotel to Toulouse airport, approximately 220 Euros.


No. of luggage moves included:

Standard: 5

Superior: 6

No. of nights with half board (dinner included):

Standard: 0 nights
Superior: 2 nights


Cycle Hire: £60 / $108

Shortest / Longest days walk: 3 hr 30 / 6.5 hrs

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