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Terms & Conditions

The passenger hereby indemnifies ITALIAN EXCURSIONS and holds ITALIAN EXCURSIONS harmless for any and all damage, loss or injury, which may be sustained by such passenger in the course of the tour.

The passenger acknowledges that ITALIAN EXCURSIONS is not a carrier or keeper of inns, hotels, refreshments, boarding or lodging houses. ITALIAN EXCURSIONS will arrange tickets, bookings and reservations, only as agents for its clients, who accept the same subject to these Terms and Conditions and those of each of the concerns with whom ITALIAN EXCURSIONS may make arrangements for its clients.

Once hotel reservations have been confirmed, ITALIAN EXCURSIONS reserves the right to substitute hotels listed with others of a similar or higher category at no additional cost to the passenger, at any time prior to or after the passenger’s departure from South Africa.

The tours specified in this brochure do not include the services of a tour leader from South Africa.

Should the passenger have any special requests in respect of the tour, such requests must be reduced to writing on the standard ITALIAN EXCURSIONS booking form. ITALIAN EXCURSIONS will endeavour to comply with the special requests. However, it cannot guarantee that they will be met.


Prices quoted do not include airport or departure taxes, costs of obtaining visas and passports, telephone calls, laundry, entertainment arrangements not shown in itinerary, meals and beverages unless specified, or any other items of a personal nature.


ITALIAN EXCURSIONS will negotiate for tickets, bookings and reservations only on receipt of a written request to do so. This request constitutes a guarantee by passenger that a non-refundable deposit of 30% will be paid within 7 days of the booking being confirmed. A booking will be deemed to have been confirmed by ITALIAN EXCURSIONS once the passenger receives a written confirmation from ITALIAN EXCURSION. However, in the case of ferry, rail theatre or any tickets related to entertainment, issuance of the tickets is concurrent with request for a booking and the client is liable for full payment. Cancellations or amendments are not possible as refunds are not granted by the issuers. ITALIAN EXCURSIONS will provide an invoice once all bookings have been confirmed. On confirmation of availability, the attached booking form should be sent or faxed, along with the deposit slip. The balance owing on the invoice must be paid no later than 8 (eight) weeks prior to the date of departure. ITALIAN EXCURSIONS reserves the right to cancel any reservation for which the total price has not been paid by the due date in which event the deposit will be forfeited to ITALIAN EXCURSIONS. ITALIAN EXCURSIONS guarantees the price of the land arrangements once full payment is timeously received, except where subsequent increases are beyond the control of ITALIAN EXCURSIONS. Airfares are subject to the price and conditions quoted by the airlines and cannot be guaranteed by ITALIAN EXCURSIONS.

In the event of any reservations being completed less than 8 (eight) weeks prior to departure, the total price is due immediately upon acceptance of the ITALIAN EXCURSIONS quotation and non-refundable.

Any cancellation made by the passenger for any reason whatsoever must be in writing and the passenger shall be liable for all loss, damage and expenses incurred by ITALIAN EXCURSIONS in respect of making the booking and cancelling the same and for all payments which lawfully require by reason of the cancellation. ITALIAN EXCURSIONS shall be under no obligation to repay the passenger any monies held by ITALIAN EXCURSIONS until such time as ITALIAN EXCURSIONS has computed all the expenses, loss, damages and deductions, which it is entitled to make in terms of this clause. The passenger irrevocably and specifically agrees that ITALIAN EXCURSIONS will be entitled to deduct any commissions and / or profit which ITALIAN EXCURSIONS would have earned had the passenger not cancelled the reservation. From the time of booking up to 8 weeks prior to departure, the deposit is forfeited. Subject to the above, the following amounts, or such greater charge as levied by ITALIAN EXCURSIONS’ suppliers, will be charged
8 weeks prior: 30% of total tour price
6 weeks prior: 40%of total tour price
4 weeks prior: 50 %of total tour price
3 weeks prior: 80% of total tour price
2 weeks prior: 100% of total tour price

Amendments to confirmed reservations will be processed at a fee (including VAT) for each alteration made to the booking after the initial reservation. Administration charges will be levied on all documentation / vouchers submitted for reissue or refund.

No refunds will be made for no-shows or any unused services irrespective of whether they form part of the basic inclusive tour price, or whether they are in respect of pre-booked optional arrangements.


ITALIAN EXCURSIONS does not hold itself responsible nor can it be held responsible for any delays prior to departure or, during the course of any tour mentioned in the itinerary whether brought about by technical difficulties, strikes, weather conditions or any other circumstances whatsoever, whether foreseen or unforeseen. It is understood that any expenses relating to these unscheduled extensions (e. g hotels, meals, airfares, telephone calls, etc.) will be for the passenger’s account.

Documentation is only prepared on receipt of full and final payment and completed booking form, signed conditions of this contract and ticket copies (if requested). All passengers will be personally responsible for ensuring that they are in the possession of the correct documentation prior to their departure. ITALIAN EXCURSIONS does not accept responsibility for any consequences whatsoever from a passenger failing to ensure that he or she has complied with the necessary health, passport and visa requirements.


ITALIAN EXCURSIONS reserves the right to cancel the tour prior to departure, in which event the entire tour price paid by the passenger, will be refunded without prejudice and any further obligation on the part of ITALIAN EXCURSIONS. While every effort is made to keep to all itineraries, ITALIAN EXCURSIONS reserves the right to make any changes for your convenience. The duration of the tour may have to be extended or curtailed owing to unforeseen changes in transport schedules. Any resultant expenses will be borne by the passenger, and any savings refunded. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, ITALIAN EXCURSIONS reserves the right to modify any arrangements required by or made on behalf of the passenger and to cancel same without notice.

The responsibility to obtain correct, current and valid passports, visas, vaccinations, inoculations and re-entry permits where required is that of the passenger alone. ITALIAN EXCURSIONS will not be held responsible or liable for any consequence of any nature arising from the passenger failing to ensure that he /she has complied with all such requirements. Note: Visas are not issued on temporary passports.

We strongly advise passengers to take out insurance against cancellation, curtailment, illness, loss of baggage and default at the time of booking. Please ask your ASATA travel agent for details.

Amendments and all cancellations en route must be made with our overseas operators directly. Please note that en route cancellations and amendments may incur additional fees as determined by our overseas operators, and are payable in situ.


ITALIAN EXCURSIONS makes every effort to ensure that all arrangements and services connected with your tour will be carried out as specified in the most efficient and effective way possible. However we do not have direct control over the provisions of the services by the suppliers and, whilst they are in all cases selected with the outmost care, we do not accept liability for error and omissions of such suppliers.

ITALIAN EXCURSIONS is not liable for the cancellation of journeys, deviations, delays or failure to provide seats, berths, or facilities for carrying or storing luggage, or for failure to provide accommodation, howsoever the same may arise. ITALIAN EXCURSIONS (both for itself and on behalf of it servants and agents) does not accept any liability of whatsoever nature, howsoever arising, for any act, omission, default or neglect of suppliers or their servants or agents for any injury, damage or loss to persons or goods whatsoever and howsoever the same may be caused and ITALIAN EXCURSIONS does not warrant, and is no way responsible for the accuracy of any information given or statement made by ITALIAN EXCURSIONS servants and agents or given or made by the suppliers or their agents.


ITALIAN EXCURSIONS acts as an agent only in producing and operating the tours and arrangements featured in the brochure, and on condition that it shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or any other irregularity that may be occasioned by any defect in any vehicle, or other form of conveyance, or by error or default or any company or person engaged in conveying passengers, carrying out the arrangements of the tour, or otherwise in connection therewith.

The airline concerned is not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time the passengers are aboard their aircraft. The passenger ticket in use by the airline, when used shall constitute the sale contract between the airline and purchaser of these tickets and / or passenger. The passengers specifically acknowledge that the Warsaw Convention including but not limited to Article 19 thereof, provides that an air carrier is liable for damage caused by delay in the carriage by air of passengers, baggage, or cargo. The passenger acknowledges and agrees unconditionally that ITALIAN EXCURSIONS will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury arising from air travel whether or not the carrier took all reasonable measures to avoid damage, loss or injury.

When flying from South Africa to Italy or France, economy class passengers are restricted to 20 kg of luggage with specific maximum dimensions. Please ask your travel agent for details.


ITALIAN EXCURSIONS cannot be held responsible for any charges that appear on a passenger’s credit card, nor accept responsibility for having any of these charges reversed or corrected upon the passenger’s return to South Africa. If passengers intend to drive in a rented car, they should obtain an international driving permit from their local AA office in South Africa. Please ensure that you are in possession of your local driving licence, as you will be asked to produce it at the car rental check in counter.


ITALIAN EXCURSIONS requires that all foreign payments made on behalf of the passenger must be deducted from the passenger’s foreign exchange allowance. A currency declaration to this effect must be lodged before final documentation can be released.


ITALIAN EXCURSIONS shall not be bound by any representation, warranty, promise or the like not recorded herein.

No addition to, variation, or agreed cancellation of the Terms and Conditions shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by or on behalf of ITALIAN EXCURSIONS.

No indulgence, which ITALIAN EXCURSIONS may grant to the passenger, shall constitute a waiver of any of the rights of ITALIAN EXCURSIONS, who shall not thereby be precluded from exercising any rights against the passenger which may have arisen in the past or which might arise in future.

In the event of ITALIAN EXCURSIONS having to institute legal action against the passenger for any amount outstanding by the passenger to ITALIAN EXCURSIONS, the passenger shall be liable for ITALIAN EXCURSIONS’ legal fees on the scale as between attorney and client, including collection commission and tracing fees.